Make Your Own Mobile Case In 7 Simple Steps

If you have a costly mobile phone and you use it on a regular basis, then it would be wise if you protect it with a simple phone cover so that it can remain as good as new. Mobile shops nowadays keep various cases and back covers for mobile phones and if you do not want to purchase those, then how about making your own? Designing mobile cases Thikishop is a very tricky job but not if you know the right ways.

Go through the below mentioned 7 steps to learn how you can make the most appropriate case for your cell phone:-

Place your phone properly on the material

In order to make a fitting cover, you need to make sure that the phone is placed properly on the material that you are using for making the case. For this, you should use a marker pen to outline the sides of the phone on the material so that you can know the area that your phone is covering.

Cut the marked area sharply for best results

In order to get a fitting cover for your phone, you should cut the area you have marked properly using a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure you cut one more identical slice so that it can be used for covering the front side of your mobile.

Decorate the case as per your taste

In order to make your cell phone look unique, you must decorate the case according to your taste so that it can reflect your personality. If there is any sewing work, you should not do it near the grip otherwise it will tear off after sometime.

Keep a gap in both the slices for flexibility

In order to make the phone case flexible, you must keep an appropriate amount of gap between the two slices. Make sure the gap is not too much otherwise it won’t be able to even hold your phone properly.

Cut off the excess part nicely

Make sure that you cut off the excess part of the sheet properly so that the cover can look decent. When you start cutting, make sure you don’t get very close to the seam.

Flip the cover inside out for better protection

The outer surfaces of mobile cases are mostly matte finished and therefore you should turn the sheet inside out so that the phone can be held by the cover tightly. Don’t forget to fit the corners correctly when flipping.

Fit your cell inside your cover

Your cover is ready and now you can easily fit your cell phone inside it. When you start fitting, you should not put pressure on either of the things as it might rip off the stitching.

So that’s how you make a case for your cell phone. I am pretty convinced that if you follow the above mentioned steps carefully, you will be able to make a decent case for your mobile. For more information on mobile case materials and decorative designs, you can also surf the web.


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